These  Indian shoes (Mojris / Khossays) are widely used with ethnic wear and complement outfits like sherwanis, kurta suits and salwar kameez.

These shoes used to be quite uncomfortable just a few years ago, but our new range of Mojris are light and comfortable with soft cushion inside.

We have them available in 5 colours.

The sizing is a little complicated.

The following is guide line only. The fitting and the sizing may vary according to the foot shape and body built. Ideally we would highly recommend our customers to try them out in person.

For example, a guy with UK size 7 would normally fit in to Mojri size 9. ie two size above the UK size.

But if he was of heavy built than three size up would usually work , ie Mojri size 10

A guy above UK size 10 would probably  need 3 size up in mojris.

ie : UK Size 7 = Mojri size 9

      UK Size 8 = Mojri size 10

      UK Size 9 = Mojri size 11

      Uk size 10 = Mojri size 12 - 13 (Go for size 13 if heavy built or wide foot)

      UK size 11 = Mojri size 14

      UK size 12 = Mojri size 15

The above suggestions are guidelines only with more than 20 years of retail experience.


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